April 2018

First place

Dr. Mark Hug

Prize: Glory & Pride

JCB:  "Dr. Hug astutely used the ultrasound to find an abscess surrounding a retained bullet. The case and ultrasound is attached below: 46M with GSW to LLE in 2017 presented to ED with 2 weeks of gradually worsening pain and swelling of the L popliteal fossa (site of known retained bullet fragment). No new trauma reported. The patient was afebrile, exam with 3.5cm in diameter area (medial pop fossa) of edema and erythema which was TTP but without overlying calor or appreciable fluctuance. Bedside sono obtained confirming presence of foreign body with surrounding collection of heterogeneously echogenic fluid. Patient was sent for CT which confirmed a loculated fluid collection, Radiology report listed differential of abscess vs hematoma vs seroma.  Surgery saw pt and was sent home for urgent follow up in their clinic for elective foreign body extraction"