Ultrasound Specialty Track

Faculty Director: Jordan Chanler-Berat, MD


Description of Specialty

Emergency Ultrasound is a specialty which focuses on the emergent utilization of point of care ultrasound in the care of critical and non-critical ED patients. The focus is on diagnostic, procedural and therapeutic guidance with multiple modalities of ultrasound.


Objectives of the Specialty Track

Since emergency ultrasound exists within the structure of the core EM curriculum, this specialty track will focus on augmenting the core basic curriculum. In doing so, residents will be given more opportunity for one on one ultrasound scanning with credentialed faculty and the US director. The track will also provide more time to study and learn hands on some of the more advanced ultrasound applications such as gonadal torsion, advanced echo, small bowel, etc. The track will also provide opportunity for residents to get involved with US research. With the addition of software based image archival, specialty track residents can perform QA of weekly images with the assistance of US faculty and provide feedback to the performing resident as well as begin US research projects.



Residents on US specialty track will perform once or twice weekly image quality assurance under supervision of US director/faculty. US scanning will be performed on a convenience basis depending on credentialed faculty availability and should be no less than 6 shifts in the 2 week period. Research projects should begin during this 2 week period but will likely extend beyond.



Residents on US specialty track will be evaluated based on skill of image acquisition, dedication to QA and supplemental scanning, and the conceptual/scientific rigor of proposed research projects.


Dr. Devaugn Peace - PGY4 - Pursuing Ultrasound Fellowship after graduation