September 2017

First place

Dr. Avinash Viswanath

Prize: $15 Starbucks gift certificate + Free ticket to TBHC Founder's Ball !

JCB: "Dr. Viswanath discovered a concerning finding of gas artifact within the lumen of the gallbladder (see below). This is concerning for pneumobilia and can indicate a variety of life-threatening illnesses including ischemic bowel, emphysematous cholecystitis, severe cholangitis, and others." 

Winning Ultrasound



Dr. Joshua Garber

Prize: Glory and Fame

JCB: "Massive AAA with rupture. (see below). In the two videos you can see echogenic as well as hypoechoic material around a large AAA. The patient was sent for immediate CTA which should AAA rupture with para-aortic hematoma." 

Ruptured AAA

Para-aortic hematoma