Academic Associate Program

The Brooklyn Hospital ED is actively involved in novel scholarly work, contributing new knowledge to the field. The Academic Associate Program provides premedical and pre-health undergraduate, graduate and post-baccalaureate students an opportunity to engage in clinical research activities in the Emergency Department (ED) at The Brooklyn Hospital Center. The program also provides a unique opportunity for students to interact with ED faculty and staff in a high-acuity healthcare environment and develop relationships with faculty to help students prepare for a career in medicine.

The Academic Associate Program is led by two directors, Sylvie DeSouza, MD, and Billy Sin, PharmD. The program is offered year-round as a two-semester experience. In the first semester, students learn the clinical studies and develop skills to screen potential participants, obtain informed consent where appropriate, interview participants, and collect study data. Students in good standing from the first semester are eligible to continue in the second semester to work individually with a faculty member and study coordinators on a specific research project.

Current Openings

Recent Publications

1. Sin B, Ternas T, Motov SM. The use of subdissociative-dose ketamine for acute pain in the emergency department. Academic Emergency Medicine. 2015;22:251-7.

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