Where: Radiology Department, in basement past the ED and the elevators

When: Monday to Friday at 9AM excluding Wednesday (you need to go to EM conference on Wednesday). 

Supervisor: Michael Reichel, MD

  • Ext: 6156
  • Email:

Attire: Scrubs or professional attire

PreparationReview cases on Radiology 2.0: One night in the ED is a great app for cases as well

Expectations: Show up in the morning and pick a radiologist to shadow. Different radiologists will be reading different kinds of studies based on their subspecialty and the day of the week (i.e. Dr. Reichel generally reads CT head and MRI brain but may read CT abd/pelvis on some days). You may also ask Dr. Aladdin to see if you could shadow him and possibly scrub in to some IR cases, he is usually happy to have residents around. Try to spend at least one day shadowing US techs, they have many years of experience and can teach you some invaluable information on different ways to obtain the best ultrasound views.