Responsibility and Daily Tasks

The PA – EMC responsibilities include direct patient care that is within the scope of Physician Assistant clinical privileges as measured by the level of education, attendance at clinical rounds and participation in conferences . In addition, timely completion of medical records, as required of all members of the medical staff, are part of the PAs responsibilities.

Under the supervision of attending physicians, general responsibilities of the PA - EMC may include:

  • Perform history and physical
  • Assessment of patient's medical, physical, and psychosocial status
  • Develop assessment and treatment plan
  • Record progress notes
  • Order tests, examinations, medications, and therapies
  • Co-ordinate care with other members involved in patients’ medical care
  • Arrange for discharge and after care
  • Provide patient education and counseling covering health status, test results, disease processes, and discharge planning
  • Attend and prepare Morning Reports that discuss interesting cases and cover a variety of topics that might include cardiopulmonary, neurologic, endocrine, metabolic, orthopedic, surgical, OB/GYN, urological, environmental or toxicological emergencies
  • Involved in QI and/or Research Project as agreed with your Program Directors