Core EM Content


How to think and present in the ER: 

         - Flipped EM Classroom video 

         - Article (Supplement to The 3-minute emergency medicine medical student presentation: variation on a theme by Davenport C,                                Honigman B and Druck J: ACEM_145_sm_DataSupplementS1)

         - Life in Fast Lane Medical Clerkship Primer


Paucis Verbis Cards:

Amazing PDFs on Evidence Based EM Topics


Diabetic Ketoacidosis: 

         1.  Overview         2. Urine Ketones to rule out DKA         3. B-hydroxybuturate POCT to rule out DKA     

        4.  Bolus insulin vs. priming dose?            5. Hyponatremia correction factor: 1.6 vs. 2.4?



NYC Sepsis Metrics - Documentation Guide

          1. Early Goal Directed Therapy  - Landmark original   

    New which challenges EGDT vs. regular care...

          2. Promise                                    3. ProCESS                             4.  Arise   

   2015 Updates Guidelines and Antibiotic Guidelines


TPA for ischemic stroke: 

       1.   National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), 1995: TPA within 3 hours

       2.  2008 European Cooperative Acute Stroke Study III (ECASS III): Extends TPA to 4.5 hours

       3.   SMART EM by David Newman breaking down NINDS and ECASS III



2015 ACLS updates for pharmacotherapy


ATLS 9th Edition Student Course Manual

Quick Drips:

Push Dose Pressors