May 2016

First place

Dr. Andrew Brill

Prize: $15 Starbucks gift certificate

JCB: "Dr. Brill submitted a great case. This was an elderly lady who arrived obtunded and was bradycardic. With the assistance of cardiology, and Dr. Brill performing dynamic guidance with point of care ultrasound, transvenous pacemaker was placed in the R IJ and then guided by US into to apex of the right ventricle. Nice case, plenty of literature to support this"

Clip of hyperechoic pacer within RV apex



Dr. Avinash Viswanath

Prize: $5 Starbucks gift certificate

JCB: "Awesome case, Dr. Viswanath found an occult pericardial effusion in an otherwise relatively healthy male who had recently got over a viral syndrome. Pt had ultrasonographic evidence of tamponade, look here for how to find EARLY physiologic tamponade on ultrasound which can predict rapid progression and clinical decompensation and these findings." See Avi's Clips BELOW

Clip 1 - tamponade

Clip 2 - tamponade

Clip 3 - s/p pericardiocentesis

Clip 4 - s/p pericardiocentesis


honorable mentions

Karen Ambert - Pregnancy with complex adnexal cyst vs TOA

Michael Chang - Retinal detachment

Luis Valdez - Ectopic pregnancy