July 2016

First place

Dr. Leigha Clarkson

Prize: $15 Starbucks gift certificate

JCB: "61M with severe superficial pain to L deltoid region. Felt to be MSK in nature (tendonitis, etc). Refractory to nsaids. Ultrasound Guided Interscalene block was performed with great success."

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New York School of Regional Anesthesia: US-Guided Interscalene Brachial Plexus Bloc



Dr. Ken Inamasu

Prize: $5 Starbucks gift certificate

JCB: "Patient presented with RUQ pain, tenderness. Ken's report wrote: "Gallbladder filled with sludge/stones, GBW and CBD WNL (better than attending ultrasound)." en was right, at first I felt this was a normal gallbladder. Ken urged me he felt something was wrong and felt the gallbladder was filled with sludge. We compared this with prior ultrasounds and it appeared similar. Radiology US confirmed the diagnosis of sludge filled gallbladder without evidence of cholecystitis. 

Take home: KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS, including myself. The echogenicity of the sludge led me to believe this was normal bile in the GB but it was correctly identified by Ken and the radiologist as sludge. Nice work!

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