December 2016

First place

Leigha Clarkson

Prize: $15 Starbucks gift certificate

JCB: "Case: 39 F PMH HIV, DM, HTN, p/w RLE pain , coldness to dorsal foot x several days. Leigha ultrasounded her foot and discovered a pulseless and noncompressible DP artery.  She called me in and we tracked this vessel up to just above the ankle without flow and noncompressible. R popliteal artery was seen showing flow pattern on doppler. CT Angio confirmed acute arterial occlusion, pt was admitted to vascular surgery."

Dorsalis Pedis #1

Dorsalis Pedis #2









Joshua Garber

Prize: $5 Starbucks gift certificate

JCB: "Case : (This would have won if the diagnosis was made with ultrasound, however this was a retrospective US after CT made the diagnosis, but still very cool). 56 yo M with PMH of endocarditis, remote IVDA, cirrhosis came for abdominal pain and was found to have and SMA dissection on CT. Garber found great images of this dissection on US. (im not sure anyone has ever published this on US). Very cool."

US clip


honorable mentions

Destiny Judkins: Retinal detatchment

Avinash Viswanath: Severe bilateral hydronephrosis