Academic Specialty Track

Faculty Directors: Mollie Williams, MD and Holly Thompson, MD


  • To develop a basic understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the emergency medicine residency program administration and core faculty
  • Foster an interest in academic emergency medicine and residency administration



  • During the course of this specialty track, the resident would dedicate 28-32 hours weekly (for 2 weeks) to both didactic and hands-on residency administration tasks.
  • This course would include no more than 8 hours weekly of administrative duties including attending Graduate Medical Education, EM Program Evaluation Committee (PEC), and other related meetings.
  • Residents would learn the basics surrounding residency administration rules as governed by the ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education).
  • Residents will be asked to design and possibly implement an evaluation tool for graduate medical education/residency administration use.
  • Residents will be assigned a section within the TBHC EM Residency manual for review and revision.



The curriculum will require 2 weeks for completion and will include the following:

  • Daily Chapter Reading & Review Question
  • GME, PEC, etc meetings
  • Medical Education/Residency Evaluation Tool development
  • Power-point presentation development on selected article pertaining to graduate medical education

Please schedule a meeting with either Dr. Williams or Dr. Thompson prior to the start of the rotation. The meeting will take place on the first day of the rotation



  • The use of a curriculum evaluation tool to determine the effectiveness of the proposed specialty track curriculum
  • Evaluation of prepared Power-point presentation on self-selected topic as delivered during scheduled EM conference or monthly faculty meeting